Morning Coffee With…®

A Festival favorite from day one, Morning Coffee With…® offers a chance to hear captivating and inspiring working tales from the filmmakers’ perspective. This year’s Morning Coffee With…® is sure to entertain as it serves up both highly anticipated festival attendees and a delectable assortment of coffee and treats.


Hosted by:  EDDIE BRILL

EddieBrillEddie Brill is a well respected and very funny stand up here in the USA and abroad. For seventeen years, he worked on The Late Show with David Letterman. He was the audience warm-up and for eleven of those years he was the Stand Up Comedy Talent Coordinator.  Eddie has taped more than 100 TV shows in six different countries…including ten appearances on The Late Show…and the FX hit series, “Louie.”

He has been seen in many films including, “30 Years To Life” with Tracy Morgan.  A 3-time MAC award winner for Outstanding Male Comic in NYC, Eddie is also the creative director of The Great American Comedy Festival which honors Johnny Carson in his hometown of Norfolk, NE…and is one of the talent coordinators of this year’s premiere Woodstock Comedy Festival as well.


2015 guests to be announced.


2014 Guests Included:

Thursday, June 25 

Host: Kathleen Matthews
Amir Bar-Lev (director, Happy Valley)
Julie Goldman (producer, We Are The Giant and Art and Craft)
Lou Howe (writer/director, Gabriel)
Craig Johnson (writer/director, The Skeleton Twins)
Kris Kaczor (director, Divide in Concord)
Chris Ohlson (producer, Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter)

Friday, June 26 

Host: Jonathan Burkhart
Doug Block (director, 112 Weddings)
Jennifer Grausman (director, Art and Craft)
Angus MacLachlan (writer/director, Goodbye to All That)
Steve Mims (writer/director, Arlo & Julie)
Maxim Pozdorovkin (director, The Notorious Mr Bout)
Diana Whitten (director, Vessel)

Saturday, June 28  

Host: Donick Cary
Edet Belzberg (director, Watchers of the Sky)
Patrick Brice (writer/director, Creep)
Susanna Fogel (writer/director, Life Partners)
Justin Weinstein (director, An Honest Liar)
Zach Wigon (writer/director, The Heart Machine)
Amanda Rose Wilder (director, Approaching the Elephant)

Sunday, June 28 

Host: Raúl Esparza
Alex Beh (writer/director/actor, Warren)
Brandy Burre (subject, Actress)
Robert Greene (director, Actress)
Ross Kauffman (director, E-Team)
Justin Lader (writer, The One I Love)
Joanna Lipper (director, The Supreme Price)
Charlie McDowell (director, The One I Love)