Morning Coffee With…®

A Festival favorite from day one, Morning Coffee With…® offers a chance to hear captivating and inspiring working tales from the filmmakers’ perspective. This year’s Morning Coffee With…® is sure to entertain as it serves up both highly anticipated festival attendees and a delectable assortment of coffee and treats.


2014 Guests Included:

Thursday, June 25 

Host: Kathleen Matthews
Amir Bar-Lev (director, Happy Valley)
Julie Goldman (producer, We Are The Giant and Art and Craft)
Lou Howe (writer/director, Gabriel)
Craig Johnson (writer/director, The Skeleton Twins)
Kris Kaczor (director, Divide in Concord)
Chris Ohlson (producer, Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter)

Friday, June 26 

Host: Jonathan Burkhart
Doug Block (director, 112 Weddings)
Jennifer Grausman (director, Art and Craft)
Angus MacLachlan (writer/director, Goodbye to All That)
Steve Mims (writer/director, Arlo & Julie)
Maxim Pozdorovkin (director, The Notorious Mr Bout)
Diana Whitten (director, Vessel)

Saturday, June 28  

Host: Donick Cary
Edet Belzberg (director, Watchers of the Sky)
Patrick Brice (writer/director, Creep)
Susanna Fogel (writer/director, Life Partners)
Justin Weinstein (director, An Honest Liar)
Zach Wigon (writer/director, The Heart Machine)
Amanda Rose Wilder (director, Approaching the Elephant)

Sunday, June 28 

Host: Raúl Esparza
Alex Beh (writer/director/actor, Warren)
Brandy Burre (subject, Actress)
Robert Greene (director, Actress)
Ross Kauffman (director, E-Team)
Justin Lader (writer, The One I Love)
Joanna Lipper (director, The Supreme Price)
Charlie McDowell (director, The One I Love)


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