Morning Coffee With…®

A Festival favorite from day one, Morning Coffee With…® offers a chance to hear captivating and inspiring working tales from the filmmakers’ perspective. This year’s Morning Coffee With…® is sure to entertain as it serves up both highly anticipated festival attendees and a delectable assortment of coffee and treats.


Hosted by:  EDDIE BRILL

EddieBrillEddie Brill is a well respected and very funny stand up here in the USA and abroad. For seventeen years, he worked on The Late Show with David Letterman. He was the audience warm-up and for eleven of those years he was the Stand Up Comedy Talent Coordinator.  Eddie has taped more than 100 TV shows in six different countries…including ten appearances on The Late Show…and the FX hit series, “Louie.”

He has been seen in many films including, “30 Years To Life” with Tracy Morgan.  A 3-time MAC award winner for Outstanding Male Comic in NYC, Eddie is also the creative director of The Great American Comedy Festival which honors Johnny Carson in his hometown of Norfolk, NE…and is one of the talent coordinators of this year’s premiere Woodstock Comedy Festival as well.


Thursday – Sunday of the Festival | 9:00 A.M. | Dreamland Studio


2015 Morning Coffee Participants Include:

Thursday, June 25

Focus: Comedy

Donick Cary (Bob Fisher’s My Roommate)

Rob Cohen (Being Canadian)

Bob Fisher (Bob Fisher’s My Roommate)

Douglas Tirola (Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead)


Friday, June 26

Focus: Documentary

Ron Davis (Harry & Snowman)

Jessica Edwards (Mavis!)

Beth Murphy (What Tomorrow Brings)

Dan Rybicky (Almost There)


Saturday, June 27

Focus: Screenwriting/Directing

Kyle Patrick Alvarez (The Stanford Prison Experiment)

Elizabeth Giamatti (A Woman Like Me)

Franklin Leonard (The Blacklist)

Alex Ross Perry (Queen of Earth)

Trey Edward Shults (Krisha)


Sunday, June 28

Focus: Filmmaking on Location

Jay Craven (Peter and John)

John Shea (Grey Lady)

Kate Lyn Sheil (Men Go To Battle)

Zachary Treitz (Men Go To Battle)